Monday, 6 November 2017

Running a Childrens Entertainment

Running a Children's Entertainment & Rental Company

As the spring started in 2017 I started wondering about how I could make extra income to support my family. Being already self employed can be hard at time especially when things slow down. It can leave you pretty much stressed out as your hand become idol. Running a T-shirt printing business is highly competitive at time so you can imagine the need for a extra income.

while surfing the internet for other part-time businesses i could sink my hand into I came across  children entertainment and rentals. I was intrigued by the thought. I mean i already have two young children ages 3 and 4 and thirteen nieces and nephews which i play a active role as a uncle with them. So handling kids come very easy to me. I thought hey this can't be so tough. So i did some research about the business googling my local competition, checking classified site seeing if they were being used to advertise the business and if it was effective. After a few week i made my choice I said ya i'm gonna invest some money into this business. I gathered up some extra money I had and started by buying a bouncy castle, snow-cone and popcorn machine all of which were brand new at the time. I spent about 3000.00 for everything. (Photos Below)

After I made my purchases, I started advertising online by using classified ads, and word of mouth. I had adjusted my price to the local competition, and had special packages for people that rented out all three pieces. 

My first booking was an older family who was having they're son third birthday. They were very polite I mostly spoke with the husband as he directed me to the outdoor electrical ports. He was surprised he saw such a young man doing it he more expected it to be someone more older like in their forties (under 30). He asked if i was the delivery man for the bouncy castle. I smile and proudly said " no, this is my side business". After setting up they paid me, i said i'd be back later  around 8:00 to pick up the castle. I left and came back a few hours later packed everything up into my SUV and went home. All i a days work it wasn't so Bad i thought to myself I could do this on a larger scale if all goes well. 

During the next month and a half I was book pretty much every Saturday and Sunday. I had gotten back my initial invest and i was in the clear. Everything after that was profit and it was pretty good money. Renting out the castle for 200.00 for the day. Thing were going pretty good other then the Saturday i stay at a party for a few hours cause it started to rain when i was about to leave after setting up. That day panicked I didn't want the blower to break i had placed a bag and a box over the blower to protect it and sat there in my car till the rain went away. The sun was shining my customer (a young lady) was happy i left. The summer went by fast and i Thought to myself i need to keep this business  continuing  October almost here and it gonna get cold. Then it hit me I can Buy some mascots from popular children's shows and to appearances. Party mascot's is a fun add on to the business mascot are cheap and the appearances cost about half of the price of a mascot. So with just two bookings you could get your return on invest (ROI). I started with 5 mascot: Pikachu (Pokemon), Minions (Minions movie), Chase (paw patrols), Marshall (paw patrols), and Poppy (Trolls). I paid around 1200.00 dollar for all five. While i waited for I started working on a website through Hostgator. They have great template building tools.You can see the website I created below: After I had recieved the mascot I started advertising through Google Adword and through online classified.
The first weekend I was booked I made 640.00 dollars. As I write this it is November 2017. I will be updating this Post as i will also have more for those who need help.

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